Scudden Death 2

  • Categoría: War games
  • Licencia: Shareware
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  • Sistema: w98 wNT wME w2000 wXP w7 w8
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An entertaining arcade game of war and battles in 2D and real time.

Scudden Death 2 is an arcade game of war and battles in 2D and real time, which lets you play in Solo or Campaign mode, or with multiplayer mode. In total there are 75 predefined missions, but you can create and add your own or even use a random mission generator that comes included in the program. This way the game will last and last.

In combat you can use all types of units and weapons: soldiers, planes, helicopters, cars, ships, tanks, submarines, towers, radar, civilians or even extreme units like those called Rambo, Osama, Predator, space ships, and much more. Many of these extreme units have been added to the game following suggestions by fans.

In solo mode you must complete missions to unblock more advanced stuff. The player has a limited number of units that vary from mission to mission. The units are already placed on the battlefield from the start, although in some missions you can also add to them during the combat.

In total there are 75 different missions: attack, defence, rescue, etc. In the random mission generator you can configure some settings like the amount of units available, the number of enemy, or the difficulty level.

In multiplayer mode the contestants fight against each other on-screen, trying to destroy the rival headquarters. You can buy units and win more money to increase your weapons. Both buying and the availability of units in the battlefield can take place both before and during campaigns.


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